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Dark Colors

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black (E_) and solid black agouti only (aa)

When the black pigment gene, E, is present, and there are no brown or bay agouti genes, only solid black (aa), the black pigment is present in all of the horse's hair.


wpe23.jpg (18385 bytes) Lee Mars Lady AQHA mare "Lady" and her colt. Owned by Becky DeMuth. The foal is "Lee" - registered name of Ebonys Lucky Miracle pending. (He was born without a heart rate or breathing!) He is by The Ebony Impression (also black).

wpeC.jpg (7039 bytes)Tuxedo, owned by Milynda Milam  of Red Fox Farm, is a black Thoroughbred stallion and is tested homozygous for black. At right is a Tuxedo foal, a black TB colt, "Black Tie", at two days old.  Black Tie is also homozygous black, since his dam also tested homozygous black.

wpe3C.jpg (22359 bytes)Ever the Lady, 1993 black QH filly, a few hours after birth....as you can see the dam is a seal brown. Most black horses are not born jet black (a pewter-grey color is more common), but some are!  Submitted by Julia Lord

"PK Ebony Bonanza"- age 14 months; Owned by Pamela House
Sire: Ole Sir Brian, Bay.  Dam: Elite Bonanza AQHA Dunalino (Red Dun) by Blue Chip Bonanza a Grullo son of Coys Bonanza.

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