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black (E_)  + brown agouti (AtAt or Ata)

Formerly known as "seal brown".  There is now a DNA test to differentiate this color from bay or black.  The usual appearance is that of a black horse with tan highlights in specific areas -- the muzzle, flanks, underbelly, and girth areas. Sometimes there is also tan hair around the eyes. The darkest, and most typical, shades of seal brown would be almost all black except for a little tan at the muzzle and flank; lighter ones may look more like a tan horse with a blanket of black covering a good deal of the body, and the very lightest shades of brown might look very much like some mahogany bays.  At one time a theory was proposed that seal brown was caused by a solid black base color with a 'pangare' gene, however, this theory was disproved when the "a" allele was isolated, and a test for it developed -- since none of the seal browns that have been tested turned out to be "aa", they could not be "black plus" anything.

Shown in these two pictures, which I took, is Solfatara, a brown TB mare owned at the time of these picture by William T. Smith of Lexington, KY.  Click her name to see more pictures of her.  Back in 2000, this mare was sold for $1,000 to a lawyer north of Cincinnati to be trained for polo, then sold for ~$3,000 privately after/at the Aiken polo sale that same year.   One seller was calling her "SolfaTIA".   If anyone knows of her, please let me know whether she's OK.  I do not want to own her.


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