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Rabicano is the cause of "coon tail" (or "skunk tail")
and rib ticking/roaning.

Rabicano is mostly a "roaning" white color pattern.  It shows up first in horizontal lines of white hairs at the top of the tail. This is the minimal form.  Some degree of stripy roaning* is usually the next stage, mostly on the horse's barrel.  White hairs form a dotted-striping effect following the horse's ribs, referred to as "ticking", and there is usually some "roaning" in the flank area (see "extreme rabicano" example below).

This is a white pattern that can result in some pink skin under it (see photos, below).

* "Roaning" is white hairs mixed in with the colored ones in a salt-and-pepper effect.

Rabicano on the black Arabian stallion Aswad Shahwan.

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aswad6.jpg (33735 bytes)Aswad Shahwan is a black, rabicano, Straight Egyptian, Sheykh Obeyd, Asil, Al Khamsa and Blue List Eligible stallion.

His sire: Amir Seralim BWA                       His dam: Sirenas Ellen BWA

pink skin spots.jpg (206807 bytes) Under his belly, his skin is mottled black and pink.

He not only has roaning but he has marbling between his front legs and down the center of his belly and out to his gaskins and the skin under the marbling is mottled. It is pink with black dots the size of an eraser head on a pencil. Also he has bright pink spots between his back legs. Two are the shape of a bowtie and one is round and smooth edged. He has detached white markings on his legs as well. He has been sold, and exported out of the country, since this article was first written, and now resides here: http://www.laurenceofarabians.com/aswad.htm

  • Rabicano in a nutshell

    • White hairs at the base of the tail, usually in a few horizontal bands, commonly called  "coon tail" or "skunk tail"; an area of white hairs at the flanks, sometimes spreading out onto the barrel, appearing "stripy" or "brindled", following the lines of the ribs. 

    • The racing Quarter Horse "Go Man Go" was a Rabicano.  Several photos showing his "coon tail" and rib tracing/ticking can be seen HERE.     Also see the black rabicano Arabian stallion, above.

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