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  •  This has been discovered to be a "group" of white markings and roaning, with more than one gene involved.

  •  Sabino is the gene believed to cause most white markings like stars, blazes, snips, socks, etc. on otherwise "solid-colored" horses.

  •  Most sabino white markings have "jagged edges" or roaned edges, giving the appearance of the white having been "spray painted" on

  •  Sabino horses can also have "patchy roaning" (as do many Clydesdales and Shires)

  •  Sabino 1   test is now available (see http://www.vgl.ucdavis.edu/services/coatcolorhorse.php)

  •  Sabino is the most active pinto/paint gene in producing "white" or nearly-white horses.

  • Legs with sabino white usually have "points" of (higher) white on the front portion of any leg markings.

More about sabino "roaning"

  •  One of the sabino genes causes a distribution of white hairs throughout the horse's body, including the face, legs, mane and tail (sabino roaning does not leave the points dark like true roan).

  •  Most of the roaning tends to be much more "patchy" and irregular than the uniform mixture of a true roan.

  •  It's possible that this characteristic may be the cause of the pinkish, mottled skin seen on some palominos (not to be confused with the pink skin of champagnes).

More detailed information on sabino genetics, and pictures of the varieties of sabino markings, are coming!


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