A Horse of a Different Color

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  personal growth through life lessons contained in horse stories

This heart-touching horse story
of a Different Kind " is

  •  A fantasy journey of
    "horse stories within a horse story" !

  •  A "must read"
    for everyone who loves horses! 

  •  Based on a young horse's experiences
     -- keep a tissue handy! 

Even if you're not a horse lover,
there are life lessons in this little book
for everyone interested in personal growth!

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Do you, or does someone you love, love horse stories?  
This one is a little different than most ... 
cute little fantasy story book about a the birth and life of 
cute little "different-colored" foal
who tells us in his own words how he finds his place in life, 
and becomes truly happy with it, as he achieves his own personal growth.

In this "read-me-in-one-sitting" paperback book, Champion,
the "horse of a different color", tells his story --
from tragic birth through serene maturity.  

He shares, "through" human author Joseph Kostelnik,
what he learns along the way,
from humans and from other other horses and ponies that he meets.

There's something here for everyone, from "read-to-me" age children 
to mature adults :
  touching life lessons for every stage of life, 
and answers to questions all of humanity asks -- sometimes silently.

Along the way are great opportunities for personal growth, 
as the reader "watches" this little
Horse of a Different Color  grow up!

This "personal growth" book of life lessons told through a colt's eyes has sold in bookstores, farm and tack stores around greater Cincinnati, Ohio for much more;
but you can order it in
eBook (pdf) form here,
on this web site, for only $3 USD!

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