Western and English Riding Instruction
and Hippology, the study of horses

Instructors:  Barbara and Joseph Kostelnik
Assistant: J. Solomon Kostelnik

Working with horses develops many personal qualities that last a lifetime:
self-confidence -- responsibility -- kindness -- fitness --
 physical and emotional wellness --- plus, it's so much fun!
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Trail Rides?

Not yet.

If we are able to expand in the future -- we'd have to add more horses, and change our insurance to cover it -- we would like to add trail rides, in the future, complete with picnic lunches and bonfires!  But we DO NOT YET offer those as of the end of 2017. 

You may see trail riding mentioned under "lessons".  This means that during a private lesson, that person may learn how to trail ride.

If you're interested in learning to ride, or to be a better rider or horse person in general, you can click here to return to our home page.

CONTACT INFO: you may EMAIL or PHONE Barbara at 513-385-6735 (or text at 513-356-2817)
The stable is on Blue Rock Road, which is named after Blue Rock Creek,
replete with slate and shale, which is more or less ... "Blue"!