Dun genes


Why does this web site have such a weird name?

because...  Hippology, the study of horses, is a specialization now offered at many high schools, trade schools, colleges and universities; and...
or "hippos",
is Ancient Greek for horse; and

υπολογιστή (eepologistee)
is Modern Greek for computer; so...

Hippo-Logistics = the online study of horses.

Hippo-Logistics: The
Online Study of Horses

Color Genetics, Handling, Riding, Basic Training, and Care

IN-PERSON SERVICES: teaching Super-natural  Horsemanship,
Humane Western Riding, Beginning-to-Intermediate Balanced Seat Hunt Seat AND Western, and Introduction to Jumping

Serving the Greater Cincinnati Tri-State Area
--  Member, Certified Horsemanship Association  --
Dr. Joseph Kostelnik teaching the 7 Step Safety System by Frank Bell
(as seen at

Barbara A Kostelnik, ThM : the founder of the ICHR Yahoogroup, & founded & created & maintains the web site of:
nternational Champagne
Horse Registry

...teaches SUPER-Natural Hippology,  including English & Western Horsemanship
in the heart of White Oak West, a suburb of NW Cincinnati, Ohio:

From barn chores to horse shows

... worked to help define the word "dun" in the most accurate way, through in-person inspections, the dungenes Yahoogroup, photographs,
breeding,  pedigrees,
genetic testing, and
microscopic hair analysis:


Created, owns,
and maintains
... featuring:

Genetics 000 : 
Simplified Horse Color Genetics

HorseColors .online

Created a Yahoogroup
and web site
NEW DILUTIONS and the people involved with horses of those colors, who helped to discover, identify and name
the Pearl gene

NEW URL:  New-Dilutions

Created and designed a Horse Color web site & logo for Julia Lord, its owner, who maintains it -- now located at:

Presents the book
A Horse of a Different Color
a work of inspirational fiction by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik


Markets the book
by Dr. Joseph Kostelnik, which teaches a method of isometric exercise which will be of benefit to anyone,
including horseback riders, here:


Created the original "double dilute" (CPEA) web site , contributing to double-cream Quarter Horses being registered

but no longer exists)

Redesigned and generally helped with the Crossed Sabers/Second Wind Adoption web site many years ago.


Did a redesign of their site years ago


Created this web site years ago: (
(we do not maintain it)

Created the original
Gospel Truth Ministries /
White Oak Chapel web site in 1993

Current design & maintenance by  J. Solomon Kostelnik :

Your  web site could be the
next one created and designed
by Hippo-Logistics'
Barbara A. Kostelnik

and featured here!

$15/hr*, no minimum

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Specializing in Equine Color, Ranch and Farm web sites
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