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"Bill"  (aka "Bailey")

AQHA registered #1244756 Billies Bay Spirit ,
born July 4, 1976 (USA bicentennial) bay gelding

Deceased January 17, 2007 of old age.

...  by the winter of 2004, Bill was too lame for anyone but the smallest child to ride, even a short distance.  He always was badly knock-kneed, and his left knee had gotten very painfully arthritic.  By January 2007, we didn't realize that he had quit eating hay, and suddenly there was so little left of him that one night he was down and couldn't get up.  Though we did finally get him to his feet that awful cold night, he couldn't even walk.  The vet said he could not go on.  So, we sent him home to Jesus, with many tears.

  We were originally told that his name was Bill Bailey, and his previous owners preferred Bailey to Bill.   So, we knew him as Bailey during the 8 years Joe rode him at their farm. Years later, when my husband bought him, we checked his registration papers, and found that Bailey was not part of his registered name.  And he really only answered to Bill.  So we called him Bill his last 7 years.

Bill's pedigree

Joe first rode him sometime around 1992, when the lady's mother where we boarded Amir traded her speedy grulla QH for him, to be a trail horse for her daughter.  But that daughter was a busy mother of 5, first in medical/technical school, then working full time.  So Joe was his main rider for about 7-8 years.

bailey1.jpg (55500 bytes)Bill was a great-grandson of King, the legendary Quarter Horse sire.  We're very grateful to those wonderful folks who let Joe ride him for so many years!  They were owners of the same farm, shown here, where we used to board my little horse.

These pictures are from the spring 1999 children's church outing. Pastor Joe brought Bailey down bareback from the top of the 30 acres where all of the 6-12 horses boarded there roamed free most of each day (weather permitting). They were very happy and healthy there!  This is the Whites' former farm, where he lived and to whom he belonged for 7-8 years.  He's around age 20 in these pictures.  He's not small: he's 15.1 H and weighed about 1100 lbs in that picture; Joe's just a tall guy!  

bailey2.jpg (44261 bytes)Pastor Joe and Bailey wait for some attention...Bailey was "Born on the Fourth of July", 1976!  Since we found that out, sometimes we call him "Bicentennial Bill".  But mostly I call him "big guy" or "old man".  He's  about 15.1 hands, steady, big-boned and muscular (when he's being worked!)   Ironically, he's MY dream color!   This picture was taken in 1999.

bailey3.jpg (72957 bytes)Pastor Joe fixes Bailey's forelock, as Leigh Anne sits happily on his back and the outing's organizer, Jackie, provides some attention!

... the summer of 1999 came and went; most of us survived; on to 2000 ....

March 2000

March2000-1.jpg (113555 bytes)Amir Halam, the Arab, at age 20, is on the left here, with 23 year old (at the time) AQHA  Bill in the background, at their "new home".  Though both are wearing their winter woolies, and a bit of extra fat for those cold nights, Amir still looks awfully chunky for the purebred Arabian he is.  Bailey is 1 hand (4") taller than Amir.

March2000-3.jpg (134387 bytes)This is an "artistic" picture of Bailey enjoying his "room with a view".  It's VERY BIG, so don't click on it unless you REALLY want to see a close-up! <grin>

March2000-2.jpg (89810 bytes)A close-up of Bailey - foundation Quarter Horse - mahogany bay with pangare coloring (light nose, belly and "armpits").

March2000-4.jpg (140109 bytes)Pastor Joe joins Bailey for a pensive "guy" kind of moment.  Also a VERY large picture.

leg.jpg (55464 bytes)This picture shows Bailey's upper facial mask and temporary leg barring typical of countershading/ sooty/smutty, coloring.  The leg barring later vanished; it was temporary, due to shedding.

H7.jpg (66307 bytes)Joe thinks Bill is a natural wonder!

friendlybill.jpg (48710 bytes)Bill Bailey, AQHA reg. as Billies Bay Spirit

H4.jpg (60384 bytes)Now in-laws, these two remain good friends

May 2000

Image1.jpg (48537 bytes)Image2.jpg (69215 bytes)These 2 pictures were taken where our round pen is now located.  Bailey's head is not this big, the telephoto lens did it! 

joe_bill_dave.jpg (75976 bytes) Our dear farrier, Dave Sherman, was working on Bill Bailey's feet, June 2000.   Dave's a great guy and a Christian!  Too bad most of the photos have vanished... here's what's left.

His last night on earth was January 17, 2007.   The pics are too painful to display, sorry.

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