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"A day at the races"

Turfway Park, April 1, 2000

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The pictures have already been gamma corrected (made lighter) to show details on her body.  She is DARK! 
Basically, she's black with a brown muzzle and some slight brownness where her legs join her body.  "Brown."
I once hoped this was the mare I "saw" during prayer in July '99,
even though her legs and star weren't identical.   She's not mine, nor do I wish to own her.

on the way in.jpg (117257 bytes) 1. Solfatara's sweet handler posed her for us on her way in to the paddock to get tacked up for the race.  Notice he has the chain from her lead up under her top lip and over her gums.         to the post parade 1.jpg (84200 bytes) 5. Here she comes, out from the paddock area, on to the track!
in the paddock 1.jpg (25624 bytes) 2. Then he walked her around the paddock circle a few times, either to calm her down, warm her up, or show her off...or all three!  Smallish picture.   to the post parade 2.jpg (98026 bytes) 6. Out on the track, the handler is just about to hand her to a rider on one of the "pony horses" for the post parade.
in the paddock 2.jpg (33340 bytes) 3. More walking around the paddock circle.  Smallish picture.   post parade.jpg (75551 bytes) 7. During the post parade.  How's that for a sweet-looking girl?
in the paddock 4.jpg (186093 bytes) 4. After she was tacked up, he walked her around still again.   She came in 8th in a field of 9 that day. In her next 2 races she came in 3rd and 4th!  But she hasn't done well since.  Time to retire...with me!

        Her pedigree

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