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You could be fitter in one minute a day!



"Instant Exercise"

The Fitness Breakthrough of the 21st Century!


Feel the POWER!

How do animals stay fit, lean and muscular, without weights or machines?

Learn their secret!

Increase your:

  •  strength

  •  stamina

  •  personal power 


What are your fitness goals?

To go from doing nothing to "at least doing something"?
is ideal for you! 
Since it only takes  about one minute a day
and is not exhausting like many work-out routines,
fits into any lifestyle: no matter how busy you are,
or how little energy you have now. 
That means that this is an exercise routine you're likely to continue! 

Gain strength, lose weight, increase energy and develop stamina!

No more excuses, no more expenses... 

No club to join, no equipment to buy. 
This little book tells you everything you need to know.

It's based on a tried and true formula for total fitness. 
Since no equipment or supplements are needed,
exercise is not being aggressively marketed by many people in the fitness field.  But doctors and sports and fitness experts agree:
this type of
exercise is an extremely effective way of building health, strength and stamina. 
See a few (non-paid) endorsements here.

When you visit a zoo and marvel at the strength and agility of the "big cats",
do you ever see their gym equipment or coaches with them in their cages?  No!  That's because, like our pet cats and dogs,
animals stay fit with
Vibrocise exercises.

Why is it called "Vibrocise"?

Have you ever stretched or stayed in one position,
your muscles until they began to vibrate
This is the particular aspect of muscle and strength building that Vibrocise utilizes.
Vibrocise will show you how to harness the power of an innate strength-building instinct, so that you can have a complete workout in about one minute a day!

Already "in good shape"?

If you're already involved in some activity or sport that gives you a workout of sorts,
 you can make sure your fitness is, and stays, well-rounded.  
you already have a great physique, but find spending all that time in the gym is getting boring, or eating too much into your "real  life, Vibrocise will enable you to keep, and build upon, your foundation without neglecting or overusing any muscle group,
and all in record time
!  What are you waiting for?!

US$3 - eBook (PDF)

This book is currently available only in electronic form (pdf eBook).

The file is approximately 2MB (megabytes).  Some Internet or email providers may block attachments, or those over a certain size.  To purchase, click the "Buy Now" button, above, or send $3 via PayPal to the email address  . 
If you don't receive the email within 24 hours, email me.

If you would like to see a hard copy of the book published, please let us know by emailing the above link!

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